Wright. is a new Belgian brand that bridges the gap between luxury fashion and daily essentials. Together with Nathalie De Nil (Managing Director) and Gaetan Goesens (Brand Manager), I started a new fashion brand with a holistic approach. It’s our mission to create timeless aesthetic pieces that embody femininity. As a lifestyle brand, we focus on the needs of the style-conscious woman instead of the designer. Therefore, our collections consist of expertly made pieces which are designed for work, play and everything in between. As a partner is this company, I've worked on pretty much everything including brand strategy and positioning, creative direction, art direction, design, PR and production.

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  • Client: Wright.
  • Managing Director/Partner: Nathalie De Nil
  • Brand Manager/Partner: Gaetan Goesens
  • Brand strategy, Creative Direction and Art direction/Partner: Max Heirbaut
  • Branding, design: Sébastien Greffe, Nathalie Wlostowski, Max Heirbaut
  • Photography: Jef Claes
  • Styling: Julie Van den Berghe
Wright Fall Winter Max Heirbaut Jef Claes
Caretag Front
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