The challenge was to develop a new campaign for Europe, Asia and the Middle East. By repositioning the band completely and working on its authentic and emotional value, our aim was to connect with a more mature target audience. This campaign is a celebration of the path less travelled, our campaign inspires you to seek out new experiences, break new ground and invent new ways to enrich your lives and your urban environments. Which is why every element of the interactive media campaign is centered around one challenging, thought- provoking question: “When was the last time you did something for the first time?” I've worked on this campaign at The Satisfaction, an boutique advertising agency in Brussels, and was involved in strategy, creation, art direction and design.

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  • Agency: Satisfaction
  • Brand: Lee Jeans
  • Account Director: Samantha Hendlisz
  • Agency Producer: Andreas Hasle
  • Client/Advertising manager: Gilles Laumonier
  • Creative Director: John Israël
  • Director: Arnaud Van Uyttenhove for CAVIAR
  • Creation, Art direction & Design: Anthony Collard & Max Heirbaut
  • Casting Director‎: ‎Ariane de Siron
  • Print production: Jean-Yves Leblon
  • Film Editor: Gert Van Berckelaer
  • Production Company: CAVIAR


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