Discarded small electronics often keep laying around, while they can be perfectly recycled. Therefore, These Days Y&R created a striking awareness campaign for Recupel. These colorful 'electroheads' connect both the knowledge barrier and the behavioral barrier. Everyone can now go to the Recycle Point in many stores with their devices up to 25 cm. The dome concept shows how easy you can measure: just use your head. ("Gebruik je hoofd" in Dutch). I've worked on this campaign as Creative & Design director at These Days Y&R in Antwerp, Belgium and was involved in creation, art & design direction and production.

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  • Client: Recupel
  • Marketing: Katrien Verfaillie, Sam Belmans
  • Agency: These Days
  • Account: Elise Eeckhout, Ivana Vilusic, Séverine Vanoirbeeck
  • Creative Director: Max Heirbaut, Werner Van Reck
  • Creation: Bram Van Looveren, Joeri Quinet
  • Design: Bram Van Looveren, Dorien Wendelen
  • Production: Eugène & Louise, These Days Studios