The ‘Move your Lee’ campaign has one thing beating constantly at its heart: Movement. It suggests that while fit is always important, being able to exploit this fit through your movement and expression is the real reason we buy a quality pair of Jeans. When casting the campaign video (shot on location in New York by director Arnaud Uyttenhove) we searched for true movers; creative and artistic types who encapsulated the campaign philosophy. All the people it features appreciate the importance of style, yet know that it means nothing without the freedom of movement and comfort to convey emotion. I've worked on this campaign as art director and designer at The Satisfaction agency in Brussels, Belgium and worked on strategy, creation, art & design.

Awarded with

  • Gold award in Design & Craft at the Creative Belgium Awards
  • Gold award in Film Direction at the Creative Belgium Awards
  • Silver award in Audiovisual design: editing at the Creative Belgium Awards
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  • Agency: Satisfaction
  • Brand: Lee Jeans
  • Account Director: Samantha Hendlisz
  • Agency Producer: Andreas Hasle
  • Client/Advertising manager: Gilles Laumonier
  • Creative Director: John Israël
  • Director: Arnaud Van Uyttenhove for CAVIAR
  • Creation, Art direction & Design: Anthony Collard & Max Heirbaut
  • Casting Director‎: ‎Ariane de Siron
  • Print production: Jean-Yves Leblon
  • Film Editor: Gert Van Berckelaer
  • Production Company: CAVIAR
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